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Edmonton, November 2, 2012: The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton reports that housing prices in October were up compared to a year ago and are the highest in October in the past five years. The all residential average price for the Edmonton Multiple Listing Service® was up 0.6% at $324,924 when compared to October 2011. The average price of a single family detached home was $372,061 up 2.1% over a year ago. Condos were priced on average at $234,177 which was an uptick of 1.8% from a month ago and up 5.4% from last October. Duplex/row house prices were down 1.1% Y/Y at $305,777.


Residential fires take their toll every day, every year, in lost lives and destroyed property. The fact is that many conditions that cause house fires can be avoided or prevented by homeowners. Taking the time for some simple precautions, preventive inspections, and concrete planning can help prevent fire in the home — and can even save your life should disaster strike.

* All electrical devices including lamps, appliances, and electronics should be checked for frayed cords, loose or broken plugs, and exposed wiring. Never run electrical wires under carpet or rugs as this creates a fire hazard.

*Wood-burning fireplaces should be cleaned by a professional chimney sweep each year to prevent a dangerous buildup of creosote, which can cause a flash fire in the chimney. Cracks in masonry chimneys should be repaired, and spark arresters inspected to ensure they are in good condition and free of debris

* When using space heaters, keep them away from beds and bedding, curtains, papers — anything flammable. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. Space heaters should not be left unattended or where a child or pet could knock them over.

*Use smoke detectors with fresh batteries unless they are hard-wired to your home's electrical system. Smoke detectors should be installed high on walls or on ceilings on every level of the home and inside each bedroom. Statistics show that nearly 60% of home fire fatalities occur in homes without working smoke alarms. Many municipalities now require the use of working smoke detectors in both single and multi-family residences.

* Children should not have access to or be allowed to play with matches, lighters, or candles. Flammable materials such as gasoline or kerosene should be stored outside the house.

* Kitchen fires know no season. Grease spills, items left unattended on the stove or in the oven, and food left in toasters or toaster ovens can catch fire quickly. Don't wear loose fitting clothing, especially with long sleeves, around the stove. Handles of pots and pans should be turned away from the front of the stove to prevent accidental contact. Keep an all-purpose fire extinguisher within easy reach.

* Have an escape plan. This is one of the most important measures you can take to prevent death in a fire. Your local fire department can provide detailed recommendations on escape planning and preparedness. In addition, all family members should know how to dial 911 in case of a fire or other emergency.

With the current snowfall, here are some tips to help, while shovelling snow. Also a couple of ideas to help prevent the snow from sticking to the shovel!

Restaurant reviewKhazana

This great Tandoori Restaurant is located close to MacEwan University and has ample parking in the area. The room is quite different from most other Indian restaurants, with lots of gleaming pine logs throughout and a large central fireplace.

On the evening we were there, it was really busy, but our service was consistantly good and attentive, without being intrusive. The food portions were really substantial and unless you have a large appetite, I wouldn't recommend getting appetizers before the main!

All 4 of our meals were really good, with my Badshahi Lamb being the best of the lot....Kingfisher beer went down well with this meal too.

Khazana is located at 10177 - 107 St Edmonton and the room is big enough for large groups, but also has some nice areas for a more intimate meal. Try it out, I'm sure you'll enjoy it


This month I'll continue with my 7th annual Christmas turkey draw.

To win one of five free range turkeys all you have to do is send me a quick email, to enter your name. Draw date will be Dec 12th 2012 {no need to enter twice, if I already have your name:)}

Turkey to be picked up from Corey, at the Acme Meat Market on Dec 23rd or 24th 2012.

These are great turkeys and I get mine from there every year!

This month I'm also holding a draw for a $50 gift certificate to Build-a-Bear Express Workshop! Draw date will be Oct 12th 2012.

Last month’s winner of a $50 gift certificate to Piccolino’s was Fazle Sibtain

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