Trick, Treat or Sale

Whether you look forward to an eerie night of mini-ghost, ghouls and goblins descending on your neighbourhood or not, Halloween can be a great opportunity to gain greater exposure for your home.  Keep in mind, that many of the parents leading their costumed children through the streets are dreaming of a move to a new home and often are using the trick or treating ritual to scout out a new neighbourhood.  In addition, while nosey neighbours are not an ideal prospect for a sale, you never know who they may know.  They are already sold on the area, so they can become great spokespeople for your property.

Get noticed on Halloween by:

-adding some spot-lighting to draw attention to your Century 21 for sale sign

-have your Century 21 agent add a price hanger to the sign and consider adding an "info-box" with highlight sheets (if available)

 -keep all rooms lit during the "witching hour".  Even the coziest of homes can look quite regal in the dusk, fully lit from within

-consider taping a single page feature sheet to the front window

For safety sake, though, never allow someone to spontaneaously view your home.  If someone does get exicted about the home and request to view the interior, always direct them to your Century 21 agent.  They will ensure that all buyers are properly qualified and not "uncostumed burglers".

Happy Halloween!

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