Water Damage

What is water damage?

It can happen because of a broken Pipe, an overflowing toilet, a leaky roof or a sewer backing up. Even a very small amount of water or sewage material can be a big problem. Fortunately, with proper maintenance and simply keeping an eye on things, you can prevent or minimize the effects of most water and water-related damage.

Take preventative measures to alleviate water damage, including:

  • Regularly inspecting all plumbing for signs of cracks or leaks and replace older plumbing
  • Regularly inspect older appliances and replace them once they are past their normal life expectancy
  • Install backflow valves
  • Replace old worn rubber hoses with newer braided hoses
  • Install active water monitors that will alert you if a leak occurs and shut the main water off, when moisture is detected
  • Look at purchasing and installing a relative humidity sensor {Hygrometer} that can measure the water level
  • Upgrade to energy-efficient windows that can support a higher level of relative humidity without condensation occurring
  • Ensure gutter and downspouts are working properly, directed away from the home and are free of debris
  • Shut off exterior taps during winter months to prevent freezing
  • Repair foundation cracks and window seals.

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