Buying A Home In Winter

We assume that spring and summer are the prime times to buy. The weather is great and people are more likely to get out and shop. Were are all in better moods and sellers know their yards tend to look better. But there are actually some great reasons why going house shopping in winter may benefit you.

Less competition

Because people assume spring and summer are the best times to buy, there are fewer people looking. With less competition, you can usually find better prices. There are also fewer chances of getting into a bidding war.

Prices are lower

Supply exceeds demand when you have fewer buyers. 

Sellers tend to be more open to negotiating 

With the holidays approaching and low activity when the snow hits, sellers are often far more motivated to sell. Whether if be on price or maybe you loved some of the furniture, or certain appliances. Your REALTOR® can help you sort this out in an offer.

Your REALTOR® will work harder for you

A great REALTOR® will work hard for you anytime of the year, but you can guarantee with lower sales and fewer buyers your REALTOR® will give you undivided attention. 

What if you were thinking of selling your home?

The exterior of your home is very important to prospective buyers. It's their first impression so ensure the house and yard is accessible by keeping side walks and driveways clear of snow. Ensure it is safe to walk on and well lit. You can also add some warmth with seasonal urns and seasonal greenery or ornamental arrangements. 

Inside make it comfy and warm (but not too hot that they will be sweating while looking at your home). Tasteful and seasonal decor like winter throws and accent pillows, or winter candles and scents (keep them mild as to not over power potential buyers with sensitive noses). Turn on the lights and some soft music before showings to create an inviting atmosphere. 

It's also a great idea to have photos out of your yard in the spring and summer. This helps show potential buyers how beautiful your yard is during all seasons. 

If you have a dog, make sure yellow spots are gone from the snow. 


Alyesha Neufeld


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