Easy ways to get your home feeling ready for spring!

Update your pillows

Start a pillow wardrobe for an easy way to update the vibe of your home. Just like you change your own outfits to fit every season, update your pillows for every season! Spring is a great time of year to bring in light an breezy fabrics like printed cotton and linen. 

Change out your bedding

Add some color to your room by treating yourself to a new duvet and shams. Nothing makes you feel more ready for spring than bright airy colors surrounding you. 

Add some green pops to a room with foliage

Big statement leaves in fun vases are a great way to freshen things up for spring. They are easy and low-maintenance and if you regularly change out the water and trim the bottom stem, they can last for months. 

Rearrange your furniture

This is one of the easiest ways to refresh your home. You would be surprised at how a little rearranging can make you fall back in love with your space. 

Paint your walls and touch up the baseboards

Nothing like freshly painted walls to make you feel at home again. Has there been a new color you've been wanting to try but never got around to doing last year?  Now's the time to try it! 

Add some color 

Has your coffee table been looking dull? Add some colorful accessories! Affordable vases, interesting objects, and colorful books. To add to the flow of your home add the same pops of color through out each room. 

Bring in new scents 

You may still have a couple pine scented or sugar cookie smells on hand but put them away with your winter decor and bring out the fresh linen and flower scents. Smells can really change how you feel in a room.

Dress up your table

There are tones of great table clothe designs to choose from. If you can't find one you love you can also check out a fabric store and make one! This will instantly transform your space.

Bring the garden inside

Spring branches and flowers not only look great but smell great also. Lilac branches and tulips are some of my personal favorites to dress up my kitchen and living room.


Alyesha Neufeld


Alyesha Neufeld

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