Selling During The Holidays - 7 Staging Tips

While real estate tends to slow down when the snow hits, there are still serious buyers out there. Leaving a lasting impression is extremely important if you want your home to stand out. It's a good idea to keep your decor neutral as to not make it too personal to potential buyers.

Here are a few great tips to get buyers in the mood:

Clean, declutter, and stage.

Adding holiday decor to a living room already piled high with clutter and personal items will only add to the sense of overcrowding. Put away what you don't need out and this will also help with packing later. A great tip to help with decluttering via Maria Kondo is to put your hands on everything you own, as yourself if it sparks joy, and if it doesn't, thank it for its service and get rid of it. Once you've cleaned and decluttered, it is important to stage your home.

Create a cozy vibe.

Without going over board, you can add different types of decor and holiday style elements throughout your home. Holiday pillows and fuzzy blankets can be added to your couches and chairs. A bowel of pine cones, evergreen wreathes, and lightly scented holiday candles are also great and simple touches.

Complement your current decor.

It is important to make sure that your holiday decor matches the current decor and colors of your home. If your home has earthy tones, keep it to rich tones like gold, dark cranberry, and forest greens. If your home has cool tones, keep it to whites and silvers. 

Accentuate your homes best features.

Add holiday decor to areas you want people to notice. Love your arched door ways? Add a mistletoe! Just be careful not to distract a buyer by adding too much to an area like stick on snowflakes to a window looking out to a beautiful view!

Keep the outdoor lighting simple.

Keep the light displays toned down while on the market. One man's "merry" can be another man's "tacky". 

Keep decor neutral.

You don't want to minimize the group of potential buyers by having religious decor out during showings.

Mind the tree.

 Make sure your tree fits the space it is in and doesn't make the room feel smaller then it is. 


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