Wow buyers as they walk through your home!

To get the best return, you need to get your home to look it's best.


  • Have carpets washed
  • Replace old and tattered area rugs
  • If you have pets you may need to vacuum more than usual
  • Is your hardwood looking dull? Buy floor shiner and keep polished
  • If your linoleum is outdated, check out some easy and cheap replacements to give the area a new and refreshing look

Walls and Ceilings

  • Keep dirt, fingerprint, and stain free
  • If your walls are looking dull and haven't had a fresh paint coat in awhile consider having your walls painted (keep in mind neutrals go a long way with a buyer)
  • Fix any chips and scratches
  • Not sure what your room needs to give it a little pop? Check out wallpapers to add a feature wall 


  • Keep dirt, fingerprint, and stain free
  • Paint if needed
  • Check for any squeaky hinges and replace if needed
  • Replace any damaged handles and change the color if outdated


  • Keep glass clean and sparkling
  • Ensure they are chip and crack free
  • Check how well all latches, handles and locks work and replace if needed
  • Keep frames, sills, and screens clean and dirt free
  • Replace torn screens

Window Coverings

  • Keep clean and dirt free
  • Replace any old and tattered drapes
  • Replace any blinds that are difficult to close or may be bent


  • Replace all burnt out bulbs and ensure they are the proper wattage
  • Replace any broken switches
  • Fix any exposed wire

Pet areas

  • Keep clean and tidy
  • Wash beds if needed
  • Ensure they are odor free

Entryways and Hallways

  • Keep clean and clutter free
  • Remove any obstructions 
  • Replace any old and tattered welcome mats or rugs

Closets and Storage areas

  • Keep clean and well organized
  • Remove clutter and excess junk
  • Keep clothes hung and folded neatly
  • Keep all shoes and boots neatly stored or stacked

Bathrooms and Powder rooms

  • Keep all surfaces sparkling clean
  • Countertops should be organized and clutter free
  • Refill soap and ensure containers are clean
  • Ensure all faucets are working properly
  • Keep sinks, tubs, and showers clean
  • Ensure towels are clean and stain free (having them folded and hung neatly always impresses)
  • Replace any old shower curtains 
  • Keep medicine cabinets clean and tidy
  • Empty garbage cans more often 
  • Ensure toilets are extra clean and replace broken toilet seats
  • Replace shower head if needed

Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, and Den

  • Everything thoroughly vacuumed and dusted
  • Remove any excess furniture 
  • Ensure furniture is clean and in good condition
  • Keep surfaces polished 
  • Ensure bookshelves are neat and tidy
  • Keep children's games/toys neatly stored
  • Remove valuables and store in a safe or locked area
  • Ensure bed is made and kept tidy
  • Keep dressers neat and tidy
  • Clean mirrors
  • Ensure window coverings or drapes are open to allow sunlight into the room
  • Keep clothes off the floor and in laundry baskets out of sight


  • Ensure all surfaces are sparkling clean
  • Keep countertops organized with only daily use appliances out
  • Refrigerator clean inside and out
  • Throw out old food 
  • Frost removed
  • Replace light bulbs if needed
  • Sinks clean and clear of dishes
  • Replace broken or leaky faucets
  • Oven, stove top, and microwave sparkling clean
  • Ensure garbage disposal is in good working condition
  • Organize and clean cupboards
  • Ensure cabinets are dirt and stain free
  • Keep the pantry organized and tidy
  • Ensure dishwasher clean and stain free 

Basement, Furnace Room, Garage, and Attic


  • Keep clean and well organized
  • Remove clutter and excess junk
  • Replace furnace filter and ensure humidifier is clean
  • Vacuum and dust 




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