Meet our Local Businesses - Day 5 - Featuring Finders Keepers

February is certainly moving along, we are coming on the end of our first week and we are very happy to introduce you to Laura Moore. Laura is the owner of Finders Keepers located at 15-6 Alder Point Rd, Bras d’Or. After being in operation since 2004, she started out in her home and eventually moved to her current location in 2008. Finders keepers is about possibility; it is about saying “I can” when the world is saying “you can’t”. Laura takes ordinary, abandoned, overlooked materials that may have been unnoticed by others and sets out to give them a new life.

We have had the opportunity to meet with Laura today and discover her beautiful shop along with many of the unique items she has to offer. We had the pleasure of asking Laura a few questions about her experiences as a business owner in Cape Breton.

Here is what she had to say:

Tell us about why you started this venture:

I love Cape Breton and everything it has to offer, this was a way of me staying on our beautiful island while making a living pursuing my passion. I love to share my vision (finders keepers) with people in hopes to connect with other like-minded individuals who enjoy originality and creativity.

Tell us what it is that you offer/bring to Cape Breton:

I feel I offer a perspective of Cape Breton through the finders keepers lens, which in turn encourages people to interpret through their own lens of creativity. Specializing in giving new life to locally found objects and creating pieces of art coming directly from our very own island is a passion that the local community has been very supportive of and that support is what encourages me to continue on this path.

Any big plans coming up?:

In the near future, I would like to finally open up the shop to the public in a way I've always wanted to. I am shifting away from the purely maker/seller model of doing business into something more team oriented. My original business plan took a collective approach but I wasn't able to achieve that vision, probably largely due to a lack of experience. Over a decade later, I feel very ready to embrace a role closer to "designer/facilitator", which will include a long overdue workshop series that I'm very excited about. The demand is there, I believe in the enormous value in increasing accessibility of the arts to the general public, and I can't wait to see what becomes of it!

Most important thing you learned about running your own business in Cape Breton:

#1 thing: Success is very possible, you need to be very careful how you define it. I've also learned not to discount or think you know what will or will not work, you will be very surprised how receptive people can be. I've learned that a positive attitude does NOT depend on others valuations, it comes from within. Self reliance and self assuredness are necessary to stay in business but maybe even more so in the arts and in a small town. I've learned to accept failure, where I used to be more worried about it. You can accomplish so much more with the time you have when you're not wasting it worrying about failure. Just do what you have to do and get on with it. Experience has shown me that the best discoveries can be right around the bend from the worst setbacks.

What are your favorite things to do or places to visit in Cape Breton when not busy running your business?:

Exploring new places, finding new trails and taking in the beauty of our rugged and unspoiled nature gives me a sense of freedom and peace. Theres so much to be learned through quiet observation and I am happy to spend hours poking through any woods or shores but I do tend to frequent Forchu, Baddeck, and Petersfield park. I breeze around on my motorbike when its warm out and Cape Breton is so great for that. My family, my boyfriend, and my friends are what keep me here in Cape Breton and when I'm not conducting business, it's the best feeling in the world knowing they are right there to share adventures with.

Thank you so much Laura Moore for taking some time to speak with us today and participating in our blog. 

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