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Not Your Typical REALTOR®Not Your Typical REALTOR® Bio.



You loathe typical real estate agent bios. Don’t worry, I do too. They’re like cardboard — stiff, bland, and identical to every other bio out there. Instead of boasting ad nauseum about awards and accomplishments you’re not interested in (see page right, LOL) I’m taking the novel approach of actually giving you what you want — real answers to questions you’re probably wondering right now.

Question: Will you return my calls and emails?

Yes. Without question.

I realize this is one of the major frustrations the general public has with dealing with agents. I get dozens of calls and emails daily, and I work hard to reply as quickly as possible.

I’ve met many REALTOR®s who are jerks. Are ​you?

Depends on who you ask. If you ask certain agents who have stood between my clients and their real estate goals, they'll probably say "yes". A handful of people think I leave golden footprints in the sand! Those are the two extremes, and most people's opinion falls somewhere in the middle. Here's what I can tell you: I'm honest and candid. I take pride in being approachable and friendly. And if you need a quick real estate brain, or a strong dose of honesty, you’re in the right place. Loyalty to family, clients, and friends is one of my core values. Want to really find out if I’m a jerk? Mess with one of those people. ;)

Question: Do you have experience doing exactly what I need?

Until you tell me what you need, there is no way of knowing.

These are some "strong suits" of mine:

  • really knowing the current market
  • expert on the Kelowna/West Kelowna/Peachland/Lake Country & Vernon areas 
  • strong negotiating skills
  • quick response times
  • investment/rental income properties

If your goal or situation isn't represented on that list, don't worry. Contact me anyway. If I can't help, I can get you referred to an another agent who can.

Question: What kind of work are you really good at?

On a personal level, I'm pretty good at cooking (I make a mean lasagna!) and I like to compete in bodybuilding in my spare time.

On a professional level, here are the skill-sets that I’ve developed over the years:

  • listening (unfortunately, a lost art these days)
  • really caring about your wants, needs and goals
  • energy and enthusiasm
  • loyalty
  • ethics
  • a good reputation

Question: What do clients think of you?

My clients are better suited to answer this for you. Here’s what some of them have said.

List with AMANDA.

Choosing the correct real estate agent to sell your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It can be the difference between your home sitting on the market for months or selling quickly, for tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousand dollars more. Your home is a very personal, important, and valuable asset, and it can be an emotional and complicated endeavor to sell it, especially in today’s challenging marketplace. Numerous questions and concerns will need to be addressed, and the advice and consultation that you receive can make a tremendous difference in the results. Marketing and advertising, remodeling and/or upgrading, photography, internet exposure, staging, design, floor-plan measurements, videography, timing and presentation, inspections, pre-market exposure, agent outreach and relationships, open houses, pricing, and dozens more nuances and subtleties all make up the difference between failure and a successful sale.

Amanda Westrheim is truly a full-service agent, and not just a real estate agent, she’s certified in interior decorating as well. She and her team are experienced and have a proven track record of success, in not just selling homes, but achieving record-breaking results for their clients.


Our unparalleled marketing strategies and networking capabilities result in more sales and higher sale prices. Amanda Westrheim is recognized consistently as the #1 agent by sales volume. Her expertise is unrivaled, selling hundreds of properties in her career. We don’t just plug your home into the MLS “system” like the many brokerages do today, we take a personal and specific approach to each home – that is what makes the difference. We consult and advise our clients from the very beginning, to determine the best mechanisms and strategies to sell the home, and at the highest price. Appearance matters, and we are experts in creating and managing the presentation of your home, understanding that success rests in the details, and that nothing is more important than hard work, ambition, and extreme dedication!


print advertising
An email introducing your property, with photos, description, listing information, and your exclusive property webpage, will be sent to ALL of Amanda's contacts and real estate agents.
Local Exposure Photo
Local Exposure Photo

We will create a landing page for your property on our brokerage website with photos, floorplans, virtual tour, 3D Matterport renderings, more information, and videos.

Numerous times a year, Amanda mails a multi-page magazine to thousands of property owners throughout Canada advertising her current listings.
Local Exposure Photo
Local Exposure Photo
Amanda will email all of her personal and business contacts, including many affluent community members such as architects, designers, lawyers, doctors, talent agents, media, celebrities, athletes, business managers, developers, etc.
The C21 Youtube channel features our active listings. We will create a video of your property which will be shared on multiple social media outlets.
Local Exposure Photo
Local Exposure Photo
We commission the city’s best photographers to capture your home using high resolution. We are able to showcase and accentuate your home’s most beautiful features!
If necessary for acreage and lakefront properties we commission professional drone photographers to photograph a birds-eye-view of your property and the surrounding area, showcasing its location, views, and exterior attributes.
Local Exposure Photo
MARKETING IN Vancouver and Alberta
Amanda will email more of her personal and business contacts which includes many affluent community members in the country’s top real estate markets showing interest in the Okanagan Valley.
Local Exposure Photo
Local Exposure Photo
We create a custom color brochure for your home, allowing every prospective buyer and agent who visits the property to leave with an asset to share with their family and friends and to remind them of the beauty of your house. The leaflet will include photography, description, floor plans, website domain link, and other listing information.
Local Exposure Photo
With daily traffic of over 50,000 vehicles and annual visitors of over 1.5 million, Amanda's billboard advertises her website 24/7 to ensure maximum exposure for your property listing!
Your property will be a prominent FEATURE LISTING on the front page of the Amanda's website, which is heavily advertised in both print and media outlets, and receives many thousands of visitors per month.
Local Exposure Photo
With the owner’s permission, multiple open houses for the public will be held on Sundays. In some cases, special REALTOR opens will be required.
Local Exposure Photo
Local Exposure Photo
Amanda hosts special events for her dear clients, catered with exquisite food and drink, to thank you for your business.
We post your home on numerous personal and business social media platforms to increase exposure to hundreds of thousands of friends and followers.
Local Exposure Photo
Local Exposure Photo
Amanda posts your property on our social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook and also pays to promote the posts so that they reach not only our followers but tens of thousands more!


Access more info here

New Rules to Profoundly Change How REALTORS® Work With Consumers

For Immediate Release

Vancouver, BC – June 14, 2018. On June 15, 2018, changes to Rules under the Real Estate Services Act that dictate how REALTORS® work with consumers will come into effect. The Rules, mandated by the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) and finalized on April 27, 2018, have been amended to ensure consumers have a thorough understanding of their relationship with their REALTOR®, particularly when it comes to conflicts of interest and remuneration.

“Since the new Rules were finalized six weeks ago, BCREA has been hard at work to update our Applied Practice Courses for new licensees, continuing education courses and nearly two dozen standard legal forms that have been impacted by the changes,” said British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) CEO Darlene Hyde. “The new rules governing real estate practices mark a significant shift in how REALTORS® in BC work with their clients. It’s important that consumers know what to expect when the changes come into effect.”

REALTORS®, consumers and conflicts of interest 
One of the changes is a ban on limited dual agency. Limited dual agency occurs when a REALTOR® represents more than one party in a real estate transaction. That can be a buyer and a seller, two or more buyers, or a landlord and a tenant. The ban was recommended by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia’s (RECBC) Independent Advisory Group in 2016. Exemptions will be possible in limited circumstances. 

As part of the Rule amendments, a REALTOR® will inform a consumer at the beginning of their working relationship that the REALTOR® may be required to stop representing the consumer midtransaction if a potential conflict of interest arises. A conflict of interest can occur, for example, when a buyer who the REALTOR® has previously represented makes an offer on a property belonging to a seller the REALTOR® is currently representing. In such instances, the REALTOR® may be required to refer the seller to another REALTOR®.

REALTORS®, consumers and compensation 
From June 15, consumers can expect that REALTORS® will make more disclosures on the commissions they receive on transactions. Consumers are most likely to notice the impact of this Rule change when it comes to multiple offer scenarios. Once the amendment comes into effect, every time an offer or counter-offer is made to a seller, the seller’s REALTOR® will be required to present the seller with a completed disclosure form that explains exactly how much remuneration the REALTOR®’s brokerage will receive. 

This form will also explain how the commission will be shared with other brokerages involved in the transaction (the buyer’s brokerage) and any other payments the REALTOR® expects to receive as a result of the transaction.

BCREA and the 11 member boards have been working with RECBC and OSRE to make these changes as seamless and as transparent as possible. We are actively working to educate REALTORS® on the implications of these changes so they can continue to serve consumers with integrity and professionalism when the Rule changes come into effect.

“These changes will profoundly alter for the foreseeable future the way consumers initially interact with their REALTOR®,” said Hyde. “BCREA has done its utmost to facilitate the transition to the new Rules and we stand behind a strong regulatory regime, informed and knowledgeable customers and professional REALTORS®.” For more information on the Rule changes, visit Council’s Knowledge Base.

BCREA is the professional association for about 23,000 REALTORS® in BC, focusing on provincial issues that impact real estate. Working with the province’s 11 real estate boards, BCREA provides continuing professional education, advocacy, economic research and standard forms to help REALTORS® provide value for their clients.

To demonstrate the profession’s commitment to improving Quality of Life in BC communities, BCREA supports policies that help ensure economic vitality, provide housing opportunities, preserve the environment, protect property owners and build better communities with good schools and safe neighbourhoods.

For more information, please contact:  
April van Ert, Communications Manager | 604.742.2797

Seller's Market Reality TV Show

KELOWNA, BCCanada’s newest Real estate show, Seller’s Market, from co-producers, Cedarwood Productions and Kelowna-based Visland Media is ready for your enjoyment. Season one of Seller’s Market was shot entirely in the Okanagan and will begin airing on CHEK TV, will run every Wednesday at 1:30pm and Friday at 3pm.


In addition, the producers are pleased to announce a partnership with Castanet, which will allow local viewers who may not have CHEK TV to watch as well. The 13-episode series, will be available online at every Wednesday at 9pm. The series can also be viewed on


Seller’s Market features five of Kelowna’s top realtors: Amanda Westrheim, Marika Wolf, Dean Desrosiers, Luke Menkes and Darryl Reuter going head to head in a battle to win listings. Viewers will get an inside look at how these award-winning real estate experts assess a home for sale and pitch their services to the homeowner. Each week one winner will leave with a new listing and their competitors will go home empty handed.


Season two goes into production this fall and Visland Media is currently looking for homeowners who are planning to list their home in the next six months.  Those interested in buying or selling a home and would like to be on a reality TV show are encouraged to contact the producers at

Cedarwood Productions is a full service video production company based in Victoria, BC and is best known for its television series Flavours of the West Coast and Realty Reality.


Visland Media is a Kelowna based television development and distribution company. It recently finished producing a 13-part international travel series entitled Buskers.


For media inquiries please contact Claire Robb at or at 778-214-0326. Photos and Video available upon request.

Seller's Market Episode 13

Seller's Market Episode 12

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Seller's Market Episode 10

Seller's Market Episode 9

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Seller's Market Press

2016 Sales Associate of the Year!


Dec 8, 2016

Amanda Westrheim of Century 21 Assurance in Kelowna, B.C. is Century 21 Canada’s Sales Associate of the Year. The award was presented during the organization’s 40th anniversary Canada Conference in Vancouver recently.

Candidates for Sales Associate of the Year are selected by peer nomination and evaluated based on a variety of factors that include sales, growth and their overall contribution to the system and local community.

Westrheim started her career in real estate as soon as she graduated from high school, taking on administrative roles for Century 21 Assurance until she was licensed in 2011. In her first year she became the top producing agent in her office and received the brand’s award for sales excellence, the Centurion.

“I have always known that I wanted to be a Realtor, so to receive this type of acknowledgement, so early on in my career, is surreal and beyond encouraging,” says Westrheim. “My discipline and background in the industry, prior to even being licensed, gave me an incredible head start as a Realtor. I want to thank everyone who has supported me from day one.”

Last year Westrheim became a Double Centurion producer, an achievement that requires a gross closed commission of at least $484,000 or 134 units.

“To be named Sales Associate of the Year is an incredible honour at any stage in a Realtor’s career, but to receive this recognition just five years in is quite exceptional,” says Brian Rushton, executive vice president, Century 21 Canada. “Her passion for real estate and obvious commitment to her clients and the Century 21 brand is inspiring and I look forward to watching her continued success.”

Why Choose Westrheim?

Okanagan Valley

I love living in the Okanagan and enjoy everything this beautiful region has to offer. Each and every day I admire the spectacular backdrop of lake views, vineyards, orchards, sandy beaches and world-class skiing.

As a result of this passion, combined with my industry knowledge and years of experience, I am well-qualified to assist you with all your real estate needs. Serving the entire Okanagan Valley, I gladly travel from Armstrong in the North to Peachland in the South including Kelowna, Vernon and everywhere in between!


Personal Background

Real Estate has always been my passion.  Since I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to be a REALTOR®.  While other kids were reading Goosebumps and comics, I was flipping through The Real Estate Book.  When the internet was introduced into our home, was our homepage.  On weekends, I'd wander through open houses. 

I purchased my first home in Vernon at 19, the legal age allowed in BC.  My family always told me, "If we can give you one piece of advice, buy Real Estate young."  Because of that experience, I feel adequately prepared to assist other young first time buyers. It has allowed me to grow my personal real estate portfolio and has lead to wealth in the early stages!

When you enlist the help of an expert REALTOR®, you're not just gaining support to buy or sell a house – you're gaining an ally who'll help you make the most out of your home. REALTORS® can guide you through every step of the process, explain the current market, help navigate complex paperwork and offer invaluable advice. When you're ready to make a move, get a REALTOR®.



Amanda's Speciality: First Time Buyers

Unlike renting, buying a home is an investment that can appreciate over time, providing you with financial security later on in life.  It will probably be the most substantial purchase you'll ever make.

The satisfaction of making the 'big buy' can sometimes be spoiled by the confusion and hassle that comes along with it.  I make it my duty to keep you well-informed, throughout the entire process.  I'll take extra special care of you from beginning to end!

I haven't forgotten what it felt like to purchase my first home; I can relate to your fears and be patient while you explore the joys of home ownership.

"Amanda made our first time home buying so easy! She took the time to explain things to us carefully and made sure we understood every step of the process. We couldn't have been happier and recommend Amanda to everybody we know!"

"Amanda helped me find my first home. She was devoted to ensure our complete satisfaction. She kept us up to date with all new listings, and was always available. Even after the purchase went through Amanda was very helpful with all those questions that seem to come up as first time home owners."

"Hi Amanda, first off we just want to say thank you so so much for helping us out with buying our first home! We really appreciate everything you have done for us and realize that without your help the Project Build grant would have probably never been possible! Thanks again for everything and we will be sure to refer everybody we can to you!! Thank you!"

"Amanda did an amazing job helping us find our first home! Buying a house is a very stressful experience, so as first-time home buyers, Amanda helped us through every step of the process, giving us excellent advice along the way, and always made us feel comfortable. She helped us find a house that fits all of our needs, but never put any pressure on us to buy. She is very easy to talk to, and a great listener, and she demonstrated that she really had our best interests at heart. Amanda is an excellent realtor, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is buying or selling a home!"

More Testimonials

Amanda's Speciality: Lake View

Properties with views of Okanagan Lake, Kalamalka Lake, or even some of our smaller lakes sell at a PREMIUM PRICE! Buyers are willing to pay upwards of $50,000 - $75,000 or more for a home if it has a lake view.

I keep an up-to-date, thorough list of all lake view properties active in our marketplace. Looking for something that's not listed? I can tell you where the BEST views are.





Amanda's Speciality: Horse Properties

The Okanagan is a wonderful place for horse people!  We have beautiful trails throughout our local mountains, and the popular Mission Creek Greenway trail is open to riders as well.  Being an Equestrian myself, I am educated in horse ownership and have ridden for years in both English and Western.  I understand the features a property must have to accommodate horses.  For example, did you know that the rule-of-thumb is typically no more than 2 horses per acre?

If you're new to the wonderful world of horses, feel free to send me an email or give me a quick call - I'd be glad to put you in touch with some great trainers in the area.


Professional Background

During High School, I was offered an assistant position with a well-established, top-producing Real Estate Team in Kelowna.  The experience I received was invaluable.  After graduation, I was working full-time in the business, meeting with clients, taking photos of listings, installing For Sale signs, creating brochures, going over contracts and sorting through paperwork. 

While studying for the Real Estate exam, I also enrolled at Okanagan College and received a Certificate in Interior Decorating, allowing me to offer suggestions on furniture placement and visualizing your new space.  It's a little added "extra" that I hope you can benefit from! Allow me to help you 'set the stage' to sell quickly and for top dollar.

Is your home too 'cluttered' to sell? Using your existing furniture and maybe a can of paint, we can transform your space to attract Buyers - not deter them. My education in staging and redesign will help transform your home from unsellable to SOLD!


Century 21 Rebrand

Don't Settle!

How to Choose a REALTOR®

Why I Work By Referral

Relationsips are more important than transactions!

You may have noticed that many real estate agents take a transactional approach to sales—identifying clients, closing the deal, and then moving on to the next one. I choose not to work that way because I believe you deserve more from the professional you decide to work with. That is why I work by referral.

Since my primary source of new business are referrals from people who know and trust me, I can dedicate my time fully to the activities that benefit you most, and always deliver truly exceptional service.


Community Involvement

For over 40 years, CENTURY 21 Canada™ – its System members, friends and family – have shown a lot of love for Easter Seals Canada.  In 2017 alone, CENTURY 21 Canada broke all previous fundraising records by raising more than $759,284 in support of Easter Seals! That’s enough to provide life-changing summer camp experiences for more than 360 Canadian kids living with disabilities from coast to coast.  Since 1979, CENTURY 21 Canada has raised more than $11.1 million in support of local Easter Seals organizations.  Easter Seals Canada is CENTURY 21 Canada’s charity of choice.

Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!


Contact Me
Contact Me
Contact Me

CENTURY 21® Awards

  • 2018 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2017 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2016 - #73 Producer by Production in Canada
  • 2016 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2016 - Masters Hall of Fame
  • 2016 - Sales Associate of the Year
  • 2015 - #46 Producer by Production in Canada
  • 2015 - #47 Producer by Units in Canada
  • 2015 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2014 - #49 Producer by Production in Canada
  • 2014 - #61 Producer by Units in Canada
  • 2014 - DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer
  • 2013 - CENTURION® Producer
  • 2012 - CENTURION® Producer



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When working with a Real Estate Agent in BC this brochure is handed out to all clients to help explain about agency relationships. The brochure was created by BC Real Estate Association and is a helpful guide to Working With a REALTOR®. Your Real Estate Agent will ask you to sign a copy of this brochure indicating you have received the brochure and discussed agency relationship. Please click here to download the brochure.  Please click here to download the brochure.