Less to Pack. Less to Load.

The great thing about moving?

Make a clean sweep of the house, reduce moving costs and get rid of unwanted items you no longer need or use.

  1. Determine what items to dispose, sell, donate or give away. Leave behind items that are safer or more economical to do so. Divide the items.
  2. Hold a garage sale to reduce the number of things to move to your new home.
  3. Charitable organizations: Donate specifically requested items to drop off locations or arrange for assigned pickup trucks to obtain the items from you. (ie. Children’s Wish)
  4. Household items, electronics and clothing: a shelter or support agency uses these items to help individuals get back on their feet (ie. Goodwill or Salvation Army).
  5. Books & computers: Many shelters have in-house libraries that act as a resource for residents & the local neighborhood.
  6. Schools & daycare centres: Some are equipped to receive donations for used books and toys.
  7. Consignment shops, thrift shops, non-profit stores: Some stores send the profits from the sale of your unwanted items back into the community.
Amanda Westrheim

Amanda Westrheim

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