Support Your Child After a Move

In the months after a move, young children may show their unease with the changes by:

Having trouble falling asleep—they may insist on sleeping in your bed.

Reverting to baby talk.

Needing diapers again.

Showing anger at home yet is happy in their new daycare or kindergarten.

Use a little detective work and some simple solutions to make things better. Is your child's new bedroom further from you--or the bathroom? Is it bigger; feeling empty instead of cozy? Help by asking your child for suggestions on paint colour, or curtains, where to place furniture, etc. Bring back the potty and nightlight for a while. Start a bedtime routine that never includes your bed, but does include staying with your child until sleep comes (for the first few weeks, at least).

Keep the home routine similar to the old one. Find playgroups and sports-teams where your child can make new friends. Finally, help your child connect to old friends through cards, emails, and phone and video calls until new relationships are established. All this will help your child to adjust after a move.

Amanda Westrheim

Amanda Westrheim

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