Prepare Your House For Sale

It is important to get the house ready before put on the market, it may seems ok to you, but sometimes a little thing and be a big turn off for potential buyers, here are some suggestions :


The surroundings of your home:


  1. A great-looking lawn makes a great first impression. Trim your trees and bushes, cut the grass.
  2. Weed and apply fresh mulch to flower beds – it gives a fresh and maintained look for a low cost.
  3. Power wash home's exterior, driveway, walkway, patio and deck.
  4. Consider painting if the house needs it, or if the color is “dated” – a fresh coat of paint on the outside can make the house look completely updated.
  5. Paint the front door.
  6. Plant some bright flowers in places that could use some brightening.
  7. Tighten and clean all door handles.
  8. Make sure your house numbers are easy to see.


Inside your home:


  1. Replace/upgrade the light bulbs to brighten up the entry. Brighter is better.
  2. Make sure the door is in perfect working order. No squeaking, jamming or sticking locks. Make it effortless to get in the house.
  3. Make sure the entryway is free of clutter: shoes, coats, umbrellas and anything that takes up space.
  4. If you have an entry table or shelves keep them clutter free.
  5. Clean or paint walls and ceilings. Use a neutral color.
  6. If carpeting is in good condition and neutral in color, have it cleaned. If not, replace it. Off-white carpet is best; this makes the rooms look larger and cleaner.
  7. Clean or refinish wood floors.
  8. During the day, have all your curtains and blinds open.  
  9. Make sure blinds, shades and window coverings hang level.
  10. Make minor repairs ( sticking doors, cracked caulking).
  11. Replace broken tiles.
  12. If you have pets, get rid of pet odors.
  13. If your cabinets show wear and tear, you might want to paint them.
  14. Make sure that your counter is spotless and shiny.
  15. Keep garbage and recycling bins out of sight.
  16. Take down personal photographs and family items
  17. A new shower curtain is a great investment – very little money for a big impact.
  18. Place personal items in cupboards or drawers.
  19. Hang matching new towels. Like shower curtains, they add a nice impact.
  20. Remove everything from the counter top, except pretty soap sets, candles or fresh flowers.
  21. Shine your faucets and knobs and use cleaner to prevent water spots.
  22. Keep your shower and tub spotless. Keep shampoos and soaps to a minimum.
  23. Scrub tiles and bleach - or replace - the grout so it all sparkles.
  24. New bedspreads or quilts make a bedroom look inviting.
  25. Put away all items that are hanging off the backs of doors.
  26. In kids’ bedrooms, be sure to put the toys in boxes or bins, and slide them under the bed.
  27. Clean everything off the desk surface, leaving only your computer and desk lamp.
  28. Tidy up and organize your basement.
  29. Be sure to clean and polish the washer and dryer to give them a bright and shiny look.
  30. Put all detergents, laundry items and irons out of sight.
  31. Paint the garage walls off-white using a flat latex paint.
  32. If you have too much “stuff,” rent a storage unit and store it there.


And one more thing : Do not over do it !!

When you are selling, you want to maximize your profit, certain upgrade might help   .. upgrading your home may help it sell faster but might not help it sell at a better price.

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