Why Realtor Commissions Don't Need To Change

Often many people talk about how much realtors make and how their job seems so easy...I use to hear it all the time before I got into real estate and to be honest, often wondered if it was true.  Now that I am actually in real estate and starting off my new career, not only do I strongly disagree with that statement but I am also shocked at how insanely busy I am and how real estate has pretty much taking over my life...(what's my kids names again??!!)  Don't get me wrong, I am loving this profession and am so happy I chose to get into real estate but I think before any non-real estate professionals start "bashing" this career they need to do their research and truly understand all aspects of not only what  a real estate representative earns in commission (you would be surprised after reading this article) but also how demanding and hands on the job really is!


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