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Five ways to improve your home's curb appeal

Sure, your home may look fantastic on the inside, but Amolak Dhindsa // of CENTURY 21 Green Realty Inc., Brokerage in Mississauga, Ontario, asks you to step outside and consider what you see.


If you're selling your home, put yourself in the place of the buyer to determine whether your home's exterior makes a good first impression. If it doesn't, here are five ways to give its appearance a boost:


  1. Make your address plate stylish. It seems like a small thing, but if the numbers on your home are worn or hard to read, it may turn off a potential buyer (not to mention make it harder to find your property!). Invest in an address plate that complements your home and is easily visible, night or day.

  2. Power wash your porch and walkways. You may not have the budget to replace these elements of your front property, but you can easily buy (or rent) a power washer and spray away all the years of use and neglect for a newer appearance.

  3. Make your garden pop. A garden shows you take pride in your home, and adding a variety of colourful flowers will also distinguish your home from the competition and add a naturally sweet aroma.

  4. Paint your garage door. Your garage door takes up a good portion of your home's frontage, so if it's rusty or peeling, you should consider a fresh coat of paint. If possible, you can also inquire about banging out minor dents.

  5. Add some lighting. Putting lights along the front walkway (consider solar cells to save electricity) will make your guests feel more welcome, not to mention create a safer outdoor environment.



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