How to Make an Effective Offer on a Home

You've seen the property of your dreams through the real estate listings— and now it's time to make that offer!

Amolak will guide you through the buying process and ensure decisions are made in your best interests, which means determining

whether a particular property is priced appropriately for the market, or if there are any defects that can lower the asking price (getting a home

inspection is an important step). Once Amolak has negotiated with the seller's agent using any new

information, you can make an offer, but be prepared for a counteroffer if the seller is not satisfied. To help sweeten the deal for

the seller, you can include a deposit with your offer to show them you mean business!


Don't forget to include details of any appliances or other features currently in the home that you'd like to buy with the house; these are

commonly known as “chattels.” Also make sure you don't have any financial conditions on your offer

(like being dependent on the bank’s approval, for example). This is an important reason to get preapproved for a mortgage; a seller will be

more likely to deal with a buyer who they know can actually afford the home.


Agreeing on a closing date is also important to the seller. They may already have bought another home, so having you take ownership

sooner rather than later is usually ideal. The ball is really in the seller's court on this one if there's more than one offer.

Including a note with the offer about why you want the property has

also been known to sway some sellers when there are multiple bids

— a personal touch never hurts!

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