Remembrance Day...November 11

​Remember your Vets! Old and New! There's that saying....if you can't stand behind your troops maybe you should try standing in front of them.

My father Dr. James Cornell was in the navy . He was on the ship The Louisberg and it was sunk, one of the first ones sunk during WW2. He obviously survived but with his 'scars'. He was a wonderful man and its sad he went thru the war.

​My father-in-law Ron Amos was in the army, in the tanks. He was in the horrible fight the Hochwald (sp?) Forest and was one of the 300 tanks that went in and one of the few that came out (5?). He returned too and survived with his scars.

​​These men were young and came back old. We have to thank them for what they did. The young soldiers are keeping us safe too. Both men and female.

​Hats off to these men and women...........

​Boos to Ontario Government tho.........our Province that holds our Government. It's not a stat holiday there!

See you at your local cenotaph tomorrow morning.........11a.m. on November 11th. We will be laying a wreath for our fathers...will you?

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