Time Wasters

​This is a cranky blog today. I watched a young Realtor spend time cultivating a client, helping them with advise and answering their questions...only to have them told that the 'client' chose not to work with them. This came after the 'client' told the Realtor that they would be working together. Quite a shock!! So the young Realtor left their 'friends' gathering feeling used .......oops did I forget to mention that this person was their 'friend'.

​We all get that younger people may want to work with a more 'mature' Realtor. We all get that sometimes people would rather not work with 'friends'. We get it!!

​However, it is up to the 'client' to let the Realtor know up front what they want to do and work with. Don't waste the Realtor's time and knowledge especially if you're friendly. It makes for bad feelings no matter what........So man up and forthright and just say you'd rather work with someone older or not a friend. Say you're not comfortable telling them your financial position etc. But atleast be fair and not 'use' them and then just cast them aside with no warning or notice.



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