Neighborhood Friendly- New Nest Edition

It’s time to spread your wings. Time to fly from the nest you once called home and find your own. Get ready for cardboard boxes, U-Haul and lots of ‘allergies’ streaming down your parents’ faces. Whether you are moving for school, work, or simply just to have an adventure, it’s a big deal! You’ll have to learn how to maintain a home, shop for groceries, and did you know that Wifi costs actual money?

Chances are that one of your many firsts in moving out on your own will be finding a home to live in! It can be rather daunting when you look at all the options, percentages, prices, and glamour of it all. However, fear not! A realtor is your ‘in’ into the world of real estate. Your agent wants to help you find the perfect beginners' property, so utilize them to the full extent of their abilities!

To help aid in the process, we have come up with a list of the top five things you should look for in a neighborhood when you are fleeing the nest and finding your own.

1). Look for a place near essentials such as a supermarket, public transit and a gas station! If your car breaks down, or won’t start in the -40 degree weather us Canadians love so much, you won’t be stranded! Having places nearby that you can walk to or take the bus to is convenient and will be an excellent resource in times of need when your parents can’t bail you out and bring you that Cookie Dough ice cream you’re craving so much.

2). Look for a reasonably priced home where the monthly costs won’t fluctuate too much! Chances are if you are brand new to the whole ‘live on your own’ thing, you are on a fixed income that allows for very little change to how much your bills are each month. Don’t be embarrassed by this—talk to your real estate agent! They want to help you find a place you’re comfortable in, not one that is going to stress you out all the time. Consistency is key.

3). Look for a property in a nice area of town! While you don’t have to buy into the most expensive part of town, find a nice area with low crime rates! Especially if you are living on your own. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and you don’t want to ever feel afraid during the ten-step walk from your front door to your car.

We hope these tips help! Enjoy life on your own and learning to be a responsible home-owner. Contact one of our C21 agents to help you get started!

Andre Aubut

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