What was your septic doing this winter?

Some of us are lucky enough to get up to the cottage and enjoy all the beauty that Haliburton County has to offer in the "off season".  In some cases the good 'ol cottage gets shut down tight and we are off to the sunny south for the winter holidays.  What you may not realize is that while you are on holidays so is your septic bed and tank.

Thanksgiving came and we ate our fill of tom the turkey and left the lake with full bellies and behind (no pun intended) a full septic, ahh, everyone is satisfied.  All winter long those active little bacteria are eating and digesting, during this process they are generating a mean temperature of about 7 degrees Celsius.  No worry of freezing here.  This is one happy and healthy system. 

A common question or request I receive during the winter months is "Mike can you do a septic inspection for me?"  My answer, "no this really is not in the best interest of the septic system." Leaving a septic empty during freeze up can certainly have adverse effects on the septic tank.  A tank with no content is now very susceptible to freezing and concrete deterioration as well as possible frost heaving and in worse cases fracturing of the tank, not to mention the significantly higher cost for pumping. 

When you say goodbye to septic in the fall all that is required is to ensure the access lids have sufficient earth covering (6 inches) and that it has had 2 to 4 days of use since your last pumping and no additives are required.  The best thing to put in your septic is simply the stuff that we are all full of.

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