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Making your home look as presentable as possible can significantly increase the quality and quantity of the offers you receive. You want people to envision themselves living in this home; happily, healthy, and stress-free. Here are some staging tips that will help give your home the boost it needs:

Make “neutral” space wherever possible

You want to make your home look as spacious as possible. Do this by de-cluttering and re-arranging furniture to maximize the potential of each room. Make the space “neutral” by de-personalizing or removing personal items which may distract buyers from the home itself.

  • Remove unnecessary furniture to make rooms appear larger
  • Reduce number of décor items on furniture to groups of 1, 3, or 5
  • Limit wall hangings
  • Hold a yard sale or donate unneeded furniture, clothes, and toys - A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in over a year then you’re probably safe to get rid of it
  • Move remaining clutter and personal items to a storage location
  • Remove items which indicate a personal preference or lifestyle such as posters, sports trophies, photos, ash trays, etc.
  • Place decorative lamps in the rooms which seem dark or have dark corners and open the drapes and let the sunshine in


 Start cleaning!

 After you’ve removed all the clutter, make sure the house is clean and always presentable.

  • Sweep the garage and keep it tidy
  • Clean and tidy up the attic and basement
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean the fireplace and hearth
  • Put pets, pet food dishes, and litter boxes outside, whenever possible
  • Paint walls, clean windows and window coverings
  • Organize your closets and cupboards, thin them out and keep them orderly
  • Check all light fixtures and replace all burned out light bulbs


  • Clear all unnecessary appliances from the kitchen counter tops
  • Remove messages from refrigerator fronts
  • Clean the stove, stove hood and screen, microwave and sinks, locate operating manuals for appliances and have warranty information available (including washer/dryer)


  • Keep toilet lids down
  • Remove all extra items from tubs, shower stalls, commode tops, and counter tops
  • Group the most needed cosmetics, brushes, etc, on one counter
  • Coordinate towels to one or two colours only

Tip: A cleaning service can come in and systematically get rid of years of build-up in a matter of hours. All that’s left for you to do is maintain the level of cleanliness throughout the selling process.


Keep it up!

Although it may be difficult, Murphy’s Law will bring a would-be buyer to your door as soon as you let your home slip back into a state of disarray. Try your best to keep it looking good throughout the selling process.

  • Refrain from activities with a distinctive odor i.e. cooking, using strong smelling candles, incense, perfumes etc.
  • Set dining room table with center piece, decorative dishes, linens, candles, fresh flowers.
  • Place all money, jewelry, and other valuables (including guns) in a secure, out-of-sight location.


Check back regularly or contact me directly for more tips on how to get the most for home!


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