Spring Maintenance Tips

         It's finally springtime! Rapidly changing temperatures that can lead to melting and then flash-freezing can really do a number on your property. Here are some property maintenance and safety tips for you to consider:                                                 

Safety First

  • Watch for falling snow and ice from roofs during the thaw.
  • Inspect roofs from the inside for leaks or structural deficiencies.
  • Sand and/or salt icy areas around entrances.
  • Keep children and pets away from waterways which may be experiencing higher than usual levels or uneven thaws.

 Maintaining Your Property

  • Clear areas around downspouts and exhaust vents so that water from melting snow has a path to flow away from the house or building. Direct the flow away from walkways and entrances.
  • Watch for signs of roof problems such as leaks, deflection of ceiling finishes or exposed beams.
  • Do not use common ice melters such as salt, potassium calcium or magnesium chloride on a roof as they are highly corrosive to shingles, metal gutters, downspouts and flashings.
  • If safe to do so, move snow at least 2-3 feet from the foundation of houses and buildings to minimize the possibility of seepage.
  • Check the drainage system (storm sewer) on your street. If it is blocked, report the condition to the authorities or if safe to do so, try to clear the area around the sewer entrance. If you live in a rural area, check culverts and other waterways and remove any blockages if it is safe to do so.
  • Make sure your sump pump is working properly. Consider installing a secondary backup pump in the event of a power failure. Make sure the batteries in your backup pump are fully charged.
  • If water enters your home as a result of ice backup, remove standing water as soon as it is safe to do so as mould contamination can appear within 24 hours - dry the area thoroughly and remove soaked building materials, including drywall and floor coverings.


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