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FAQs on real estate transaction:

Q: Why do you need a Buyer’s agent?

A: When one involved in a real estate transaction one often found it is more complicated than what he/she originally perceived.  Buyer often goes through all the newspaper ad and internet ad and overwhelmed with the information that they got.  On top of that, Buyer’s information on real estate is often a global statistic.  When evaluating a value of a home, we need more specialized (or localized) information.

Working with a REALTOR®, you will receive information that is most relevant to your needs.  A REALTROR® would also analysis these information for you, so that you can make much better decision when the time comes.  In addition, we make sure that you are well protected on your contract so if anything were to go wrong you would have a backup plan already.  Buyer’s agent fee is paid by the Seller, so why not make full use to our service so you are best protected on the biggest purchase in your life.

Q: Why do we need a Seller’s agent?

A: The goal of selling your home is to sell it at the best possible market value within the shortest duration.  To do so you need to have a good marketing strategy to gives your home an exposure that it deserves.  Not only does a REALTOR® have right tools to market your home, I also have the connections that can market your home to the right prospects.  Seller can google for the statistic record of home sold by REALTRO® and sold by homeowner.  You would find that home sold by REALTOR® is often sold at a better price and within a shorter period of time.

Q: How do I know if an apartment is a leaky condo?

A: As your REALTOR® I will go through all the relevant documents to confirm the security of your new home.

Please call Andrew Wang at 604-760-8608 for any other concerns and questions that you may have.

As a part of the Century 21 Canada, the most recognizable real estate brand internationally, I am dedicated to providing you with knowleadgeable information and top quality customer service; and helping you to make the right decision in buying or selling your properties.

Buying a house is probably the most expensive purchase that we make in our life time.  I am here to share my expertise and knowledge with you so that we can find a house that's within your ideal price range and in the neighborhood that you desire. If you are looking to sell your property, I am here to market your property so that it can be sold ASAP at the best price possible.

Please feel free to use this website as a resource for all your real estate needs, and if you have any additional questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact your local expert Realtor®, Andrew Wang, today:

Cell: 604.760.8608

Bus: 604.685.5951


Professional Background

My father manages CENTURY 21 Taiwan, therefore; I use to do translation on documents for my father before I entered real estate field. During this period, I learned a lot of real estate related knowleadge.

After graduation from SFU, I entered CENTURY 21 In Town Realty, and I am lucky to learn more about real estate related information and knowleadge from an experienced expert Realtor®, Dean Wilkins. I consider myself to be a dedicated and knowledgeable real estate agent who can provide you with the highly specialized information that will help you make the right decisions in selling and buying properties. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any real estate related questions you may have.


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Graduated from Simon Fraser University (SFU) in 2009 with a Bacholor of Commerce in Economic Major & Business Minor


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