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Does that look like something you type into Google when you first started to look for your new home?  As you go see more and more places that line just gets longer and longer and so does the sale price.  People usually get discourage and/or frustrated at this point and that is usually when I come into the scene.

I had also been one of the many home purchaser myself recently.  I too started off with a very generic requirements not sure what exactly is perfect for me.  Then I went out, checked out the properties and started to refine my search until the price snowballed up so high that I ended up looking into different city.  And then pre-sale.  Then back to my mortgage broker to see if he can magically pop out more money.  That did not go well and I was really discouraged.  There had been a couple of weeks that I decided that I just need to save up and hold off the home search for now. 

I was trapped in this spiral for so long that I forgot that I am a real estate agent who dealt with these situations everyday.  It wasn't until I was looking for a new home for a client of mine who couldn't find anything that he wanted in downtown for his price range and wanted to expand his search into other cities.  Instead of e-mailing him few more hundreds listings, I met with his wife and him and review our options again.  I reminded him of the golden rule of real estate: location, location, and location. We review all the requirements that he thought was necessary.   We let go of the view and newer age of the building and pick out a few more places to see for the last time or at least they think that's all we are looking.

After our meeting, I look up another property on Beach Av. facing right at English Bay.  It is smaller than what they want, not close to skytrain station, building is older than what they want, but the view is by far one of the best.  No big blocks of concrete buildings blocking in front of you. 

On the showing day, I took them to see his properties after they seen the others that they picked out.  I almost had to drag them there after they learned it doesn't have what they want.  We got there and they started smiling.  Sure it is one room short, but we can combine home office and bedroom together with style at Resource Furniture.  Sure the building is older, but the building is well maintenance.  Its roof and piping were done a few years back.  And yes it is PERFECT. 

That's all there is to it to find a PERFECT home.  Sometimes we need to take a long detour to realize it.  But at the end of the day, you will always find a place that you loved so much to the point that you can find a solution to all its cons.

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