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Airport Road


This neighbourhood is located approx. 8 minutes to downtown Kenora, and is about 3-5 minutes to elementary and high schools. In some cases students can walk to the neighbourhood schools. The Kenora Airport is located off of the Airport Road, as well as the ski hill.

AIRPORT: The Kenora airport is owned by the Kenora Airport Authority. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing secure and efficient services for all who travel to and from Kenora. Bearskin Airlines operates from the airport year round with destinations East or West. For more information about the airport or to book a flight on Bearskin Airlines flights. 


The Mount Evergreen Ski club was formed in 1946 in response to a growing interest in downhill skiing, and a lack of any such facility in the region.  The Club has operated every winter season, without exception, since its inception. In 1966, Mount Evergreen Ski Club was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation.  All net income from the operations of the ski hill goes back into facility maintenance and program operations.Mount Evergreen Ski Club has been a vital part of Kenora’s outdoor recreational scene for 61 consecutive years.  Mount Evergreen Ski Club has much to offer this community and visitors in promoting family-oriented activities that have the potential lifelong enjoyment and healthy living.  Mount Evergreen Ski Club, with its offering of both downhill and cross country venues, provides some of the best reasons and benefits for living in a winter nation.


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