Notre-Dame West in Little Burgundy has been famously known as Montreal's "Antique Alley", an ideal shopping strip for antique-lovers who spend hours browsing through dozens of stores on a 10 block stretch from Atwater to Guy.  In recent years, this historically low-income neighborhood has transformed into a lively community with the reopening of the Lachine Canal, the revitalization of the Atwater market, and the construction of new townhouses and condos.  A younger generation has moved into the area and new restaurants have opened up creating a fresh vibe on the street.  Residents of Little Burgundy appreciate their close proximity to the many shops and social venues that Notre-Dame West now has to offer.



The word pub is derived from the term public house.  A public house was traditionally a meeting spot that could serve as a center for the community as much as the local church.  Burgundy Lion immerses itself in the community to re-create that sense of comfort but with a modern twist.  The concept behind the design and feel of Burgundy Lion is to blend a traditional British pub with a modern lounge bar and to offer a unique twist on British pub cuisine.  Burgundy Lion is a modern English pub with traditional English cuisine mixed with a more laid back, quintessentially Montreal feel.

Burgundy Lion is located in Little Burgundy, an historic working class neighborhood in Montreal.  Since the early 90's, Little Burgundy has enjoyed a re-birth as young professionals are taking advantage of its proximity to the downtown core and its renewed sense of community.

Burgundy Lion is not a traditional pub by Montreal or UK standards.  They provide a higher quality product in food, drink, service, and ambiance than other established pubs.  Burgundy Lion is armed with an impressive selection of traditional whiskeys and beers, as well as a modern cocktail and wine list.  The menu at Burgundy Lion was designed by one of Montreal's most talented young chefs, and provides patrons with an opportunity to experience a unique take on traditional British fare.

Address:  2496 Notre-Dame O.

Phone:  514-934-0888




The newest addition to the Little Burgundy family is restaurant Jane.  Named after the owner's mother, this little gem serves unique thick-crust doughy pizzas and delectable appetizers.  Make sure to call in advance for reservations because Jane is a cozy restaurant seating approximately 30 people.


Photograph by Robert J. Galbraith, The Gazette

Address:  1744 Notre-Dame O.

Phone:  514-759-6498




Old Montreal restaurant classics in the heart of Little Burgundy. An homage to Charles "Joe-Beef" McKiernan, 19th century innkeeper and Montreal working class hero. A drunken crawl away from the Historic Atwater market. Steaks and seafood.

Address:  2491 Notre-Dame O.

Phone:  514-935-6504





Old seaside cottage charm and bustling oyster counter. Old world wines and good market French cooking. A great club house feel. Perfect for gin tonic fueled evenings with relatives, friends, lovers and/or Peter Hoffer (aka "The HOFF").

Address:  2501 Notre-Dame West

Phone:  514-313-6049





Quench your mid-day thirst and hunger, happy hour starts at noon at Joe Beef's pint sized 12-seat luncheonette and chowder room. Quiet the voices in your head. Daily specials and flowing wine by the glass and bottle. Tuesday to Friday lunches. Saturday brunch. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Available for private parties and affairs.

Address:  2485 Notre-Dame West

Phone:  5140-759-6677





Limon restaurant invites you to discover (or rediscover) it’s mexican cuisine in a friendly and warm decor in the heart of Little Burgundy, an expanding area next to the Atwater Market. Different from the Tex-Mex full of clichés and often tasteless, Limon offers an authentic cuisine, never insipid, generous with no pretention as the image of the clientele. Their meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and quality products only. 

Address:  2472 Notre-Dame West

Phone:  514-509-1237




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