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This week several major changes were announced that will contribute to the ongoing gentrification of Verdun. 

The borough has been a "dry town" for well over a century, meaning that no establishment was allowed to serve alcohol without food.  In 2011, Verdun modified this regulation thereby allowing a microbrewery to open, as long as the beer was brewed on site.  Two years later, Benelux, an artisanal brewery, opened it's doors on Wellington street, becoming the first place in Verdun where patrons could socialize over a drink.  It was considered a test subject to see if the neighborhood and a bar could peacefully co-exist together.  The test had positive results. 

A few days ago, the municipality of Verdun adopted a new regulation that will permit more bars to open.  The regulation provides strict guidelines stating that the bars must be located in the commercial zone on Wellington street between Strathmore and 6th avenue.  Furthermore, no establishment will be allowed to have lotto machines.  All good measures to keep a harmonious relationship between Verdun residents and a vibrant bar scene.  Cheers to that!

Click here to read more about the change in municipal regulation allowing bars to open in Verdun

Since Jean-François Parenteau became mayor of Verdun a year ago, he has been actively working with the community to improve the neighborhood and the services offered to residents.  Verdunites are already seeing the changes with the development of green space and the new compost system that was delivered to their doors two weeks ago.  The borough also got news this past summer that a public beach will be created along the banks of the St-Laurent river in 2017. 

Last night, the mayor and his team unveiled their action plan to further the development of Verdun over the next few years, which is geared towards families, the environment, improved mobility, infrastructure, the economy and public services.  Details of this plan can be read by clicking on the link below.

Click here to read the Strategic Development Plan for Verdun

Verdun's nickname "Verdump" is quickly being replaced with "Verfun".  With its proximity to downtown, easy highway access, three metro stations, schools, parks and riverfront location, the neighborhood has become increasingly popular with young professionals and families.

Wellington street, also known as Promenade Wellington, has seen more and more quality shops and restaurants opening in the last few years including Blackstrap BBQ, Balconville, Tripes and Caviar, coffee shop Station W, candy shops Choco Passion and Winifred Pepperpott, bakery Sweet Lees, Uvolution Fitness, dentist SOS Sourire, and two amazing fish n' chips restaurants La Queue de Poisson and Comptoir 21.

As a resident of Verdun and as an active realtor in the area, I'm very proud to live in this neighborhood and I'm looking forward to the exciting changes coming in the near future to my community.




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