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Did you know……by setting back your thermostat just 2-6 degrees Celcius while you are sleeping and at work can save you 5-15% on your heating bills.

Did you know…….85-90% of the energy used to wash your laundry is used to heat the water, wash in cold water to save.

Did you know……a trick to staying warmer while you’re saving money keeping that thermostat turned down is to maintain appropriate humidity levels of 30-50% in your home, this can make 68F feel like 76F.

Did you know……you can reduce cold air drafts in your home by using child proof safety plug covers in all the unused plugs in your home (buy them at the dollar store).

Did you know……most new washing machines use weight to determine water consumption, so save on water as well as delayed wash timers so you can go to bed and set the washer to do the job during off peak energy hours while you sleep, so save on energy.

Did you know…….you should insulate the back of your attic hatch with a blue foam insulation and then seal the hatch up when you are done with a removable caulking to substantially reduce heat loss and drafts.


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