Skills to have a business

A question that have been ask to me today!

How did you get the skills necessary to run your business?

Wow this is a huge question! Being a Realtor meaning having your own business. Skills??? It began as a kid, at age 7+ our father took us in the blueberry fields to work and my mom was behind us to be sure we were doing not a good job but a great job. Skills began when both my parents give me some responsibilities and make sure that I did them well. At home we were 4 children and our father past away at 34 years old and after that we were like a team, always helping our mom and each others. We always wanted to work, cleaning cars, cutting lawns, doing the news paper run, babysitting for neighbors or family... just to bring more money at home for mom. At home when mom was leaving home to do an activity, we were helping my older sister to do the dishes, washing the floors... we wanted mom to come home and say wow you are manful. We wanted her to be happy and have less to do when she would come back home. Also at school, we just wanted to participate in all contest, we wanted to win, we enjoyed going from door to door to sell some tickets, oranges, chocolate bars... I also participated in the Carnaval of our village and I won the contest being the Queen of the Carnaval... After that, during my school and college years I was working part time. From there I never stopped, I always choose to work where I felt I could do a difference, that's why I have so many skills to my job. First I took a hair dresser course and that was great to develop Customer service skills and also to become a good listener. Then I when to the University for a Social worker course but thinks didn't go as plan and I decide to take an Administration course. Wow all of those years of studying were so fun, learning new things. I really had to study a lot more then the others to have the notes that Anita wanted since I'm hard on my self. The last skill but not the lease, was the real life, learning from day to day on how to deal with my life an other. This is a skill that gave me the power to get up every morning and do my job, enjoy it and be organized, persistent and care for peoples needs. No matter what life sent me every day, I always wanted to be a better person in all of the departments of my life and try to find a balance in those departments: family, finance, vacation, work, investment, activities, spiritual, health... Knowing my departments, I can make sure to balance my life and be happy. All of these are the skills that I need to run my business.

Anita Savoie

Anita Savoie

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