What Lies Beneath Us Matters

Your foundation is a critical component of your homes structural integrity. If there is something wrong with the foundation, it could lead to many headaches, not to mention dollars, if it is not addressed. 

Here are a few things you can do in advance to protect your foundation (and your wallet).

1) Monitor Your Foundation
Keep an eye open for cracks or signs of moisture. If you see a crack, record size and width and check back to see if it is increasing in size. If you notice that it is expanding rapidly, you'll want to call an expert. For small cracks you can patch it with mortar.

2) Observe your Interior Basement Walls
If you notice your walls are wet, try to find the source before you begin drying the wall.
It's common for basement walls to have a build up of condensation. However, if you find a place where the water is obviously coming from, you'll want to call an expert.

3) Secure Exterior Waterways
There are many variables around your house that could cause water to enter. Make sure your pipes are air tight and insulated. Canadian winters can be cold and a frozen pipe will crack. Be sure that your eaves are running water away from your house and not directly towards your foundation. Avoid piling snow near foundation. Make sure your yard is draining properly by having appropriate grades and trenches.

So remember, take care of your foundation because it takes care of your home!

Anita Savoie

Anita Savoie

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