Winter is Coming!

Game of Thrones, scrolling through Facebook and putting dinner in the oven all have one thing in common....they use electricity. I haven't even mentioned the big bill buster of heating your house during the winter months.  We can't control what energy providers charge but we can control how we consume energy. If done efficiently, it will result in a few dollars shaved off your NB Power bill...and who doesn't want a few extra dollars in their pocket?

Easy Stuff...

- Wash clothes with cold waters

- Turn off lights to rooms when not occupied

- Lower thermostat when not home or purchase a programmable thermostat

- Hang clothes on a dry rack

- Wear slippers and more layers so you don't need to bust the thermostat

- Shut doors and only minimally heat the rooms that are not occupied

- Thaw frozen food in fridge to reduce cooking time in the oven

- Use energy efficient light bulbs and use natural light when possible

- Take shorter showers

- Turn water off when brushing your teeth and washing your hands

- Use the BBQ in the spring/summer/fall months (grilled veggies are awesome!)


A little more labour intensive...

- Insulate attic

- Fix the leaky faucet

- Have an energy audit completed on your house


Programs and Education...

- Research to find incentive programs

- Read NB Power's - Smart Habit page

- Sign up for NB Power's - Home Energy Report


Do you have any suggestion or ideas to add?  I would love your input.

Anita Savoie

Anita Savoie

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