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Having just returned from a short 'hiatus' to a warm and tropical destination (Costa Rica this year) I am letting my mind wander from the typical real estate thought patterns that form in my brain the moment I think 'blog'.  Each time I travel south I marvel at the huge numbers of Canadians I meet down south, doing the same thing I am doing, 'getting away from the snow'!  So it got me thinking, what percentage of Canadians actually jump on a plane each winter to go soak up some sun during our winter months.... And here are the results of my quick 'google' research!  Apparently the 2013 statistical data says 45% of us Canadians trade the snow for the beach for at least one or two weeks of our winter.  That's a LOT!  And that was 2013 ~ I'm guessing we're edging up to 50% in 2015!  The most popular destinations you ask?  A few different sources tell me that the three most visited destinations visited by Canadians are Mexico (Mayan Riviera being most popular), Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  I also read that the younger generations tend more towards all-inclusive, as that way they know total costs before they leave, and it is often the most economical.  As people mature, and price & time is a little less of a factor, Canadians tend to rent homes or condos and stay longer.  Now there is a GOOD reason to want to get older faster!!  The song in my head at the moment? Sheryl Crow....."I'm...gonna soak up the sun, gonna tell everyone to lighten up...."

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