Change - the surest thing!

Embracing Change... scary and all!

Fall is a great time of year and arguably, for some, it rivals for the best time of year.  There is so much that happens in fall and so many things that come with the change to this season. For many, fall signifies the start of regular schedules, back to school, sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, cute-sweater-and-boot-outfits, gorgeous fall colours and yes, the end of summer. For some, fall also signifies a reset, of sorts. An opportunity to re-focus and re-evaluate ones’ business and also to assess any changes that need to happen and the strategic steps needed to make changes for better business.

This fall 2018, Century 21 Canada and all its subsidiary brokerages and agents are embracing change. From the Century 21 logo and the seal, to the look and feel of the marketing materials, to an entirely new online management system for everything from contacts to social media and communication systems, to incredible partnerships with Google, Zillow and BombBomb media the company as a whole is undergoing massive change.

Now, change can be seen as scary, intimidating and challenging, but as the famous Shrek quote goes “change is good, donkey!” and rather than being paralyzed with fear, Century 21 is charging head first into the unknown and charting new territory as a continuing industry leader in real estate.

What does this mean to you as a consumer?

It means I am brimming with energy and excitement about the new tools and technologies that are becoming available to us agents and I may be (over?) enthusiastic about telling you all about them! So when you ask me to come over and share my marketing portfolio and plan with you, be prepared with a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine to be blown away by the innovative technologies and the super sleek and classy designs that I am bringing to the table.

It means that my company, Century 21, is partnering with organizing leaders like Google (so my systems will be even MORE streamlined and efficient than they are now), information leaders like Zillow (so you as a consumer can be more educated in the market and the process than ever before), and communication experts like BombBomb (so my ability to communicate more directly, effectively and face-to-face with you will be on point!)   I'm embracing change! (well maybe not the change in temperature.... :)

Anne Wolfe

Anne Wolfe

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