Staging for higher Sales Price and Quicker Sale

Staging is a very important ingredient in selling your house for the most money the market will bare and for a quicker sale. Not only are you try to acheive a clean pallette the buyer can paint their life in, but the concept of romance and beauty is essential to helping the buyer make that decision to buy.

Staging also helps potential buyers to see the space in a better light. For example, if potential buyers walk into an empty bedroom, they might not believe that a queen-sized bed can fit in the space, but if that bed is in the room, they can see that.

Adding colour to areas of the room you want to highlight and bring attention to, will help draw the buyers focal point to the room's finer points.

I've had feedback from showings, that their only complaint was that condo was just bland. So if you can spice it up to help bring the feelings you hope to inspire in the buyer then you've succeeded in your staging goals.

Staging is also a reflection of the lightning-fast decision making of clients, who are increasingly inclined to place bids on a property before even seeing it in person. It’s for the same reason that staging the outside space and yard is important.

With landscaping, you need to think about colour and the exterior being well groomed. You also need to think about function in the backyard, you want to romance the buyer, so you’re really selling the lifestyle and helping them picture a happy life in that space.

Annette Cosens

Annette Cosens

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