Saskatoon's Pothole Blitz

This is a heated topic in our city!! With an inability to get anywhere in the city without risking your ride, your baby, your wheels, your shagging wagon or ........ your puddle jumper (how fitting)!!!!!! Many Saskatoon residents are left frustrated, angry and cursing the government for their slow moving reaction to problem streets.

I have a friend from Edmonton who had been continuously complaining about the streets there until he made a visit to Saskatoon! He said after driving in Saskatoon he will never complain about the street's in Edmonton again!!! Or a poor co worker who hit a pothole, bent her wheel and had to have clients come pick HER up!!! So I'm sure yourself or someone you know has been afected by there craters of doom!! So here are a few tips on how to ease your pain and frustration!!

The City of Saskatoon has been implementing their Spring Pothole Blitz for the past few weeks the City has addressed many of the high traffic or priority streets such as 8th st, college drive etc.

But... is there a particular pothole that is taunting you, perhaps one that you hit every time you go to work?Well follow this link to the city's website and you can report that nasty bugger!

city of Saskatoon

Or are you just interested on the City's progress so far and are curious when a certain street may be done? Click on this link for the schedule!

Link for Spring Blitz scheduel

Have you already had damage to your car? On the City of Saskatoon link there is a form for you to claim any damages! So happy motoring and happy Spring! Here's hoping for one heck of a summer!

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