Top 3 reason's you might want to think twice before trying to sell your own home!

Real Estate is an educated art form that requires many different components to achieve success!! Not to mention it is very time consuming and can be expensive, especially if there is no sale at the end of the journey.

Which brings me to reason numero uno:

Real Estate Agents do this as their full time jobs, not on top of a full time job, which is what is required by must home owners trying to sell privately! The constant phone calls, door bell rings when you are trying to enjoy your family time, or your favorite T.V show. Are these people even qualified to purchase your home??? Real Estate Agents also incur all costs of advertising and marketing your home, which can be huge!! This is out of our pockets, with out any guaranteed sale in the end.

Now on to BIG 2!!

It is big 2, cause it's a biggie!! The personal element involved in selling your home that you LOVE!! Prospects are often reluctant to bring out and discuss objections with the owner. They don't want to offend you, and make you have to defend your home. This makes for a tricky situation, as an owner then can not properly represent him/her self. It is much more comfortable and successful having an objective third party to handle negotiations. There is also a tendencies to over price your home as you have added value based on sentimental reason's, which will not relate to a prospective buyer.

Third times a charm!!

O.K so you have an accepted offer! Is the sale of your home final now? What should you do now? Are there any conditions in the offer? Does the buyer have a home to sell? How much time should they have to sell? There is a very complicated process from the time you and the buyer sign the contract to when the new owners take possession of your home. So many things can go wrong and you are out of a sale of your home, and you now can't go through with the purchase of your next home. Real Estate Agents guide you through this entire process for you!! We have the knowledge and know how to finalize the purchase of your home. No surprises!! You can sleep easy at night knowing we are out working for you!!

The selling process is like a roller coaster. Agents help make the death defying drops less horrifying, the loop de loops less nauseating and gets you back on your feet!!

Annette Prpic

Annette Prpic

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