Recently a member of the City of Saskatoon involved with City planning came to our office and gave a very interesting presentation. It was about their strategic plan to aide our city to accomodate our growing population. The goal...... an "Intergrated Growth Plan" for the growth of Saskatoon to a population of 500,000.

 The two major topics were:
                   Sustainable growth,

  • Building Intergrated communities wethier it be planning out our new communities with a wide range of amenities, employment areas, transit options, mixed use residential. Make these communities diverse and complex, allow for many walking trails, bike trails make everything more accessable to pedestrians. Make it more Transit oriented. I believe our best example of this is our newest community of Evergreen. 
  • Or perhaps it is re-defined neighbourhoods. This will include infill development, developing rapid mass transit in high density areas. Allowing people in these neighbourhoods to live, work, shop and relax or spend time outdoor's all in the same area. that will be easily accesable by walking, riding or transit!

                Moving Around,

  • As we focus a little more on developing with in the heart of our city, we will still be expanding outwards east and west as well! We are already moving away from a City where " it only takes 15 min to get anywhere in the city". So how do we get back to that?  We will have to focus on moving people around but not necesarilly in their cars. This will include incorporation of rapid mass transit.
  • Another idea is to change the street designs for neighbouhoods. Do you live in a neighbourhood where it is necessary to have a car to get what you need to survive? A great example of this is the neighbouhood of Silversprings. All arterial streets provide very limited access and you must leave the area to work or shop.

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