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Keeping Your Home Safe & Festive This Holiday Season

The Holiday season allows us to spend time with loved ones and toast the successes of the past year. Making your space warm and inviting for family and friends is all part of getting into the spirit of the season. While it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of shopping trips, visiting family and decorating your space it's important to remember the following tips to keep your home safe this holiday season.


1. Don't leave your candles unattended


It may seem like common sense, but with what feels like a million things on your "To Do" list, it doesn't take a lot to get distracted. So when your hot cocoa break gets interrupted by a frantic call from your mother-in-law, remember to extinguish your candles before you answer the phone in another room. This is a pretty serious fire hazard that doesn't take much to avoid, so make sure to blow out your candles before leaving the room.

2. Don't keep your holiday lights near paper and plush materials 

Whether they be on your tree, around your windows, or on your banisters, it's important to keep your indoor lights clear from debris that can catch fire. When left on for several hours the tiny bulbs on your holiday lights can create a lot more heat than you'd expect, so keeping them away from flammable objects is important. As well turning off your lights before you go to bed saves energy and ensures you are extra safe while sleeping. Although modern holiday lights are definitely safer than their predecessors, taking this extra precaution is still a good idea. 

3. Do put your outside lights on timers

If they aren't already, neighborhoods will soon be aglow with lights framing homes and twinkling in trees, real and inflatable snowmen, and other festive creatures wishing passers-by happy holidays. Turning your front yard into a winter wonderland can be a blast, but the majority of modern decorations require electricity to function, and keeping the juice flowing all night is less than ideal. Save money and the environment by using a timer for your outdoor electronics. Plug your decorations into the timer, and set it to turn on and off at specific times. We usually set ours to turn on just after sunset, and off around 10 or 11pm. Timers can help to deter burglars by making them think you're home when you aren't, and they save you the trouble of fumbling with plugs late at night in your pajamas. They typically cost around $30 and are available at most hardware stores.

4. Do check your locks before leaving the house

The holiday season is a time when presents are tucked under the tree with delight (and hidden in closets and under beds.) The opportunity to capitalize on all those waiting gifts can mean that burglars are more likely to break into homes. You'd be surprised by the number of people who forget to lock the back door, after they let the dog in, especially this time of year. So right before you leave the house, ensure that your home is locked up tight. Check your windows and doors to make sure everything is safe and secure and turn on the alarm system if you have one.  (As an added tip, make sure you are mindful when putting your garbage out after the presents have been opened. Some waste can be a tip off that you have expensive new gifts in the home. Cut any big electronic boxes up so it's not so obvious that you bought that 66' Smart TV or laptop. This keeps any watchful eyes guessing and less interested in what's inside your home.)  

5. Do shovel your driveway and salt your walkway 

It's no wonder "Let It Snow" will be playing in stores, at school concerts, and in living rooms all season long; snow is one of the quintessential pieces of the holiday puzzle. Unfortunately, it can be more than festive, it presents a hazard too. Winter weather is wonderful, but it's also dangerous. Avoid getting stuck in your driveway, or slipping down your walkway, by shoveling and salting regularly. These chores are a bit of a pain in the neck, but they are far superior to you or others falling due to prolonged snow and ice accumulation. 


Home maintenance and safety is valuable year-round, but as this is one of the traditionally busiest times for many, we felt it pertinent to reinforce these concerns. 

For more homeowner advice and maintenance tips, make sure to check out the Carson Dunlop blog.


There are a lot of do's and don'ts this season, but perhaps this biggest is don't drink and drive. Please stay safe and responsible. 



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