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This is our very first blog for Dean & Rita Casorzo, hope you find our blog informative and entertaining, and we are looking forward to hearing back with your comments...

Having an adventure on Vancouver Island can happen right in the area where you live!  Take in your surroundings and embrace what is all around you. My wife Rita and I took advantage of the beautiful August weather in Campbell River and neighboring towns that we are so fortunate to live in!

Living near the well-known Rotary Sea Walk in Campbell River.   We headed down the walk with many other early birds heading out for their morning jog or walk or bike ride,  probably all for the same reason, to breathe in the fresh morning sea air, lower the blood pressure and get ready for a new day!

The seagulls gather in groups chatting in their language, ( a great sound by the way) on the ocean edge and some perched, on the rocks wondering if they should get in on the morning topic, of what's on the morning breakfast menu or what's new in the Real Estate Market! :)  In the background, the sunrise has risen above Quadra Island and you can feel the warmth on your face, and see the rays sparkle off the water, it's going to be another delicious day to enjoy in Campbell River!  The evenings on the walk brings a slight cool breeze from the ocean, which is a welcome delight.  In the distance, you hear the low roll of the engine from one of the stunning cruise ships that cruise by all lit up in their glory!  This is just a little taste of our beautiful Campbell River in August.  

To continue on with our adventures of exploring Vancouver Island and neighbors, we headed for a road trip to the southern tip of  Vancouver Island to our capital city of British Columbia,  beautiful Victoria! 

Victoria is exquisite and enjoyable for all ages with many events and sights to take in. We love the short road trip of only 3 hours to take in some special events.  The Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay.  This garden is celebrating 100 years and has 55 acres of BEAUTY. It was a delightful afternoon,  a must see.  

Brentwood Bay, is a small community in the municipality of Central Saanich, on the Saanich Peninsula. It lies north of the city of Victoria and south of Sidney on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

If you want to take a very enjoyable ferry ride to Brentwood Bay coming down from Campbell River you, turn off at Mill Bay, drive to the ferry dock, and hop the Ferry to Brentwood Bay, and enjoy 25 minutes of relaxation!   You gotta try it!  Also, Sidney is a quaint town located right on the Sea, a great town to take a stroll and grab  a coffee at one of the local shops. Visit Sidney by the Sea.

Sidney is a town located at the northern end of the Saanich Peninsula, on Vancouver Island in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is one of the 13 Greater Victoria municipalities. It has a population of approximately 11,583.

There's nothing better than finishing up a great day of exploring, by "taking me out to the ball game"! The Harbour Cats were playing and we had 2 nights of extreme exercise, for our vocal cords by cheering them on!  The Cats were on their game! The second night started off slowly but ended up with 5 home runs, but we thought we counted 6!

The Victoria HarbourCats is a summer-collegiate baseball team located in Victoria, British Columbia. The HarbourCats play in the West Coast League, a collegiate summer baseball league.


August was a fantastic month for adventures in our backyard travels on Vancouver Island, last but not forgotten, is the FOOD!   Here are a few unforgettable places to satisfy your appetite!  Give them a Google, or if you're in the area check them out.

*JIGGERS Fish n Chips  Spit Rd." Campbell River" 

*MO:LE Restaurant   2345  Millstream Road "Langford"

*The Japanese Village Restaurant 734 Broughton St.  "Victoria"

On the way home from Victoria and need to stretch the legs,  or walk off lunch, stop at Landford Lake for a walk on the Ed Nixon trail.  It's easy to find and worth every step!

So long for now, and MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!


Dean Casorzo

Rita Casorzo (unlicensed)

teamcasorzo@ gmail.com





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