Winter season! Time to save money for the winter! Lucky 7

Happy Holidays to everyone in the world!


As for us in North America, winter season is here, to save money on your gas bills, here are seven tips that I found online.

  1. Dodge the Draft : this prevent drafts from coming in underneath the doors. ( drafts can waste from 5%- 30% of your energy use).

  2. Change Furnace Filters: By changing the furnace filter, it will help improve the air flow in the house.

  3. Run Fans in Reverse: Counterclockwise rotation produces cooling breezes while switching to clockwise makes it warmer: air pooled near the ceiling is circulated back into the living space. This will cut the cost by 10%!

  4. Winterize Your A/C and Water Lines: Make sure to drain out all the fluid in the A/C hoses, and shut off the water valve.

  5. Turn Down Your Water Heater: Lowering the temperature to 120 degrees F (or lower) would reduce your water heating costs by 6% to 10%.

  6. Install Storm Doors and Windows:  Installing a storm door can increase energy efficiency by 45%, by sealing drafts and reducing air flow. 

  7. Give Your Heating System a Tune-Up : Keeping your furnace clean, lubricated and properly adjusted will reduce energy use, saving up to 5% of heating costs.

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