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Walks in and around Kitchener Waterloo.  Mill Race Trail, St. Jacobs

Hi walkers.  I have three requirements of a good walk in Waterloo and the Mill Race in St. Jacobs fulfills all three.

My first requirement (and these are in order) is that there be somewhere I can buy something sweet to eat at either the start of my walk or as a reward at the end.  In my world walks are so much more fulfilling if I have an ice cream cone in my hand or the promise of one at the end.  The Caboose, an ice cream establishment housed in an old railway car sits in the Mill Race parking lot.  Their ice cream is yummy and the cones are designed to fit comfortably in your hand.  First requirement fulfilled.

My second requirement is that I feel safe and secure while walking.  I want to be able to eat my ice cream and enjoy my walk without having to look over my shoulder every ten steps monitoring those behind me.  I have always felt secure and safe on the Mill Race Trail. The trail has its regulars.  I meet Marty there at least once a week walking his three dogs.  Sorry, I am not up on my dog breeds but these three are small black and white dogs and they are so cute.  Marty is cute too and nice to talk to.

My third requirement is that there be wildlife to entertain me.  I tell you without exaggerating that there is always wildlife to see on the trail.  Today I did a robin head count.  I counted nine.  It being fall I knew they were planning their big trip south so I wished them safe flying and told them I was counting the months till their return.  This summer we were treated to the presence of a juvenile Blue Heron fishing in the race.  Almost every time I walk I spot muskrat carrying twigs in their mouths for their nests.  Sometimes there are beaver in the river. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a walk where you feel safe, where the path is level and there is wildlife to watch and where you can reward yourself with a treat for your endeavours, the Mill Race Trail is the walk for you.  Say hi to Marty and his dogs for me.  I hope to see you there soon.  Arlene

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