Tips for Homeowners with pets

How to make house more appealing to buyers

Pets are considered members of the family. But when selling a home, our four-legged family members can cause some challenges.

There are some steps we can take as homeowners with pets to limit the impacts left by the pets. For example: Dogs and cats should be removes from the home during the showing of the house, exotic pets- such as snakes, spiders or rodents may also be removed during showing, as these pets may, literally, scare off potential buyers.

The last thing you want an interested buyer taking away from your showing is a bad smell on his/her shoe. Regularly clean up after your pet to make sure that there isn't unpleasant surprise hiding under your grass. Wipe down the walls and vacuum up any pet hair. Be sure to also clean any cages, aquariums or litter boxes.

Smell is a major factor that can help or hinder a sale. Fresh baked bread can make the home feel like home; animal scents can cause a buyer to feel like it may take a lot of money to get the smell out of a home.


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