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Glenora is one of Edmonton’s historic residential areas. It was originally staked out by Malcolm Groat in the 1860s. In 1869, he claimed a 900 acre parcel immediately west of the Hudson’s Bay Reserve. This land extended from today’s 121st Street west to 142nd Street, and south from 111th Avenue to the North Saskatchewan River. In 1906, the land was sold to Montreal realtor James Carruthers, who planned the area as an exclusive real estate development. Its standards were safeguarded by the Carruthers Caveat, which required that no house built in Glenora could cost less than $3,500. There were no restrictions placed regarding home or lot size. When Edmonton was selected to be the capital city of Alberta in 1906 many professionals chose to live in the area as they developed their careers and built their families in the new city. In 1909 the Alberta Government built Government House in Glenora as the official residence.

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