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Arty Basinski

Arty Basinski Sales Representative

CENTURY 21 Regal Realty Inc., Brokerage*
1332 Queen St W, Suite 100
Toronto, ONM6K 1L4
Office: 416-849-5360
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Do a good deed!!

Do a good deed again today! Good work for yesterday.

Good Deed!

Do a good deed today!!!

I-zone Lofts

I am on the verge of listing a couple I-Zone conversion lofts. They are fully renovated and epic!! Dundas and Carlaw on the border of Leslieville and Riverside. There are 3. Lets start with the first one: Unit 124 1700sq ft. with soaring 25 ft Ceilings peaking at 30 ft with polished concrete floors. 270 Sq ft. private rooftop terrace 400 sq ft steel framed with hardwood floors mezzanine ...

Bike theft and police.

So you ever this see this? Well these guys cost the city a minimum of $65/hr !!!!!! On top of their salaries to which almost 40% of Toronto cops make over $100,000. Shocking.  I have had a few bikes stolen, along with countless bike lights and wheels etc (My bike when wheels got stolen this summer, which has since totally been stolen) ... Not to mention every single person I know in ...

George st. Diner

In the midst of a bunch of towering grey condos sits a little fiery lunch box called George st. Diner. Which brings life to the neighborhood. Just east of Church on Richmond. Run by a firecracker pint sized lovely Irish lady named Ash. She is meticulous in her food and feeding you good. From the home made Irish soda bread to the epic falafel salad giant burgers and homemade cakes its all brilliant. ...

Winter Biking

Well that time is upon us... Winter. Most dread it and put their bike in storage. Ah and yet for the hardcore it's an adventurous time. I happen to fall under the latter of the two. Last year winter was absolutely stupid and I was without a bike since I was away for most of it (good timing) and had my bike stolen just before I left, yay rampant and awesome bike thieves (Gives me an idea for ...

Coffee Shops

3 of my local coffee shops made the top 10 late night coffee shops.. Probably because I go there ;) The Common (College/Dufferin, also on Bloor) Best coffee! When I lived around the corner from it I was obsessed with the mochas, thy use Harmony organic milk from the glass and still charge the same as any other coffee shop. If you had Harmony chocolate ...

City of Toronto: Did you read the sign?

Yesterday I was riding around and showing houses to clients and we came across this in Leslieville, which looked to have been recently cut down... This seems like the work of the City of Toronto. 

Happiness and productivity

Being an avid TED talk watcher I came across a wonderful talk by Shawn Achor. He talks about happiness in one of the more articulate, witty, face-paced and brilliant talk. His charm is overwhelming and his points are even gooder (sorry, lack of adjectives). On his awesome rant he brings up that increasing happiness will increase creativity productivity and goal setting as opposed to reaching a goal ...

Jan Gehl

I recently watched a very inspiring documentary called the Human Scale. It's a large part on Jan Gehl's work as an urban planning architect. It talks about how much society has given priority to cars including almost all cities only do statistics on how many cars drive on roads and weather widen them or slow them down etc. and the fact that there are more pedestrians and cyclist then cars. This brilliant ...