How to use social media to generate real estate leads?

With the changing marketing approach real estate is also shifting focus to seek help from social media to generate leads. As more and more people prefer to view listings online or get informed about a open house via email, Twitter, Facebook. If you are looking to follow a path that assures successful lead generation and rewards with a simple social media strategy keep reading to five important tips important for realtors:

1. Consistent Messaging: While interacting on social media consistent messaging is the key. Be sure you share all the important facts about the property via a Tweet or Facebook past not once in a blue moon but at least 3 to 5 times until the message is relevant. This is not time consuming but if you are organised and set stringent goals it will take less than 15 minutes. The next crucial step is don’t forget to acknowledge the audiences for coming to the open house you invited them through consistent messaging.

2. Content Strategy: This will help you to stay top of everything and also help to measure success. While planning your content strategy be sure to understand your audience, brand identity. The next step is create a elaborate editorial calendar and select a few topics relevant to your business. Plan at least in advance for 30-60 days. The best way to start if you are a beginner is by using Google Alerts.

3. Local Connection: The key to a successful social media marketing is staying as local as possible while engaging with audiences via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Also   while planning your content strategy make sure to share local events relevant to your industry.

4. Streamline: Starting a conversation on social media is not difficult as it seems the key is keep your conversations brief and whenever possible exchange contact information to follow up. Scheduling your tweets, posts using Hootsuite and other relevant softwares is the ideal way to streamline events and conversations but always monitor and follow up promptly with an answer.  

5. Measurement: Without measurement it is very difficult to estimate what worked well to include as a practice for the next time. Some of the many ways is to track the likes, shares on Facebook, Twitter. Along with engagement measuring the web traffic before and after an event can also help in scaling success.


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