Important Documents to Have When Selling Your Home

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There is a lot of chaos while selling a property which begins as soon as your home is listed. To stay ahead of the game it is very important for you to check if you have all the documents in place. It is not as difficult as it sounds, all you need is organisation skills and patience as sometimes one missing document can damage a done deal instantly. Some of the most important documents that need to be in place;

  • Warranty: All the appliances in your home if supported by warranty information don’t just add credibility to your home value; but also assure prospective buyers they do not have to worry of the wear and tear about all the equipment that is backed with warranty and is a tempting hook.

  • Property survey: Generally this document entails the size of the property; verifies the boundaries with measurements. THis document also has key insights on the rights and infringements. Having a survey is important and can save a prospective buyer around $1000.

  • Renovation/Repairs/Improvement/Record: If you have done any upgrades, inspection supporting building permit, inspection report as proof narrates that you have followed strict standards of the building code. It is also important that you keep record of any major repairs done to the home such as the roof, the structure, the floors, the furnace, the septic tank, the electrical wiring. Make sure you include municipal notices of local improvements. This gives a buyer heads up of potential construction in the area or beautification plans for unsightly buildings or objects.

  • Deed/Sales Contract: This document has the information about the owner with their initials. It is also an important document as it is solely the instrument which plays a crucial role in transfer of ownership.

  • Mortgage information: If you have a mortgage it is good to have a copy of the information handy.

  • Costs: After the mortgage there may a be a few other costs that may apply like insurance, garbage and or snow removal and other seasonal maintenance tasks like landscaping, lawn mowing. It is better you hand over these records and hook the new owner up with the services offered by companies unless they want to do all the chores themselves.

  • Status Certificate: This is applicable only if you are purchasing a condominium. This document will have all the fees, by-laws, insurance and other rules and contract obligations.

  • Utility bills: This is a great pitch starter, so if you have utility bills of the past 12 months always keep them handy for reference to show the new buyer.

Organising all the papers before a sale is not as difficult as it seems. But accidently if you overlook any document or miss one step then the missing document can delay the sale process.

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