North York Drive-In Theatre Closing

Mid May press was released online that stated the North York Drive-In Theatre in Sharon on Mount Albert Road was expected to close. News is buzzing online about a new Drive-In theatre in the local area opening for movie goers to watch movies under the stars. 

Owned by the Murrell family the Drive-In theatre had been providing entertainment to movie lovers for 58 years. Reactions to the closure of the theatre caused much upset to those who frequent the venue. They were saddened and disappointed that this popular venue and home to family tradition and memories was set to close and no longer host movies on the big screen this summer.     

The Murrell family expressed on their website that the reason for the close was that digital film was developing and changing. Due to the changes in technology and conversion to digital projection they would be closing. They also expressed sincere appreciation to loyal customers, friends and staff for enjoying summers with them watching movies under the stars and supporting their family run business.

Despite news of the closing in late June, social media sites posted the re-opening of the North York Drive-In under a new name. The theatre is expected to re-open under new management and a new name the Stardust Drive-In Theatre Newmarket.

New management online at reports that new projectors are expected to arrive today and be installed shortly after. To date they have been communicating via Facebook on an opening date.

Responses to this news are varied. Impressions range from overwhelming excitement on the re-opening to suspicion of hoax. Residents from the local area and fans and frequenters of the drive-in have overall been very pleased with the news and are checking in online on any progressions and news that is being released pertaining to the Stardust Drive-In’s re-opening. 

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