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Selecting a Real Estate Sales Professional. Questions to ask your Realtor at the first meeting:

  1. How long have you been an agent?
  2. Do you have any references?
  3. What types of properties do you sell and what areas of the city/town do you generally work in?
  4. How many other buyers and sellers you curently representing?
  5. What will you do for me?
  6. Who do you represent?

Overpricing: Beware:

 Next to choosing a REALTOR , pricing is the most important decision a homeowner faces when selling a home. Obviously there are disadvantages to under pricing, but there are equally disastrous consequences to inflating the value of home. Unsuspecting sellers frequently lose valuable time and (more importantly) money by pricing their homes too far above the market value. Listed below are serious problems attributed to this faux pas.

  •  marketing time increases -overpriced house takes longer to sell
  • Missed Opportunities-potential buyers willingly newer view the property,your property will sell other properties
  • Informed buyers-potential buyer and accompanying REALTOR will recognize a home that is priced in excess of existing market value, you will receive lower offers
  • Appraisal Problems-deal breaking problems may arise for financing through the bank or mortgage institution.If an appraisal reveals an offer is above market value, the deal may collapse and home returns to the market.

" Beware that some sneaky REALTORS will at first suggest a very handsome price. Than, after they have the listing and the house has not sold. They will come back with pitch to lover the price."-consumer reports



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