FAQ Home Buying Series Part2

This is FAQ PART 2 of the series Home Buying Simplified. Any comments, suggestions or questions can be directed to my email: Asharpal.singh@century21.ca


Question: Why, I can’t find a house with all my must have features?

Answer: It may be tough sometimes to find a house with all your must have features, and if you find one it may be out of your budget. It’s always a good idea to make a list of features that are an absolute essential for your house and features that can be extra but negotiable. A swimming pool in the backyard can be a good example of this.

Question: Is my pre approval of mortgage a guarantee of financing?

Answer: various financial institutions provide clients with pre approvals of mortgages with a certain time limit, but this needs to be clarified that it is not a guarantee of approval because it is merely based on stated facts provided by the client and not on actual pay stubs, and financial statements. Preapprovals provide you with an idea of the maximum amount that you can afford a house for.

Question: Why do I need a realtor when I can search a property myself?

Answer: While searching a house can look like a simple task with so many tools available, but actually it involves a thorough analysis of the market according to the client’s requirements and depending on the financial condition of the client finding the best available property in the desired neighbourhood. Only a professionally trained Realtor can be able to properly take care of the clients’ interests in negotiating the price with seller or his agent.

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