Final part of Home Buying Simplified

Here’s final part of home buying series


Question: What things to keep in mind while searching for a home?

Answer: While searching for a home always start with analysing your needs and wants and very importantly your financial conditions. And remember to keep all records in case you need them while negotiating price of a home you like.


Question: what are my legal obligations and rights while preparing offer of purchase or agreement of purchase and sale?

Answer: both of these documents are strictly legal in nature and anything included in them becomes legal contract between the parties. This demands extra care and due diligence. Always read and understand any document that you are signing and if needed get help from expert on that matter like a professional lawyer. Also don’t forget to include proper clauses and conditions as part of the agreement like home inspection, financing conditions, etc.


Question: Do I really need a home inspection?

Answer: Well the answer from me is always a strong yes. It’s a good investment in your future asset to get it inspected before you purchase it so as to safeguard from problems in future like repair costs, insurance issues, etc.


Question: What is title insurance?

Answer: Title insurance protects any issues that may arise during the closing process related to the title of property and may cause sudden spike in the closing costs. Further it protects the buyer from title related frauds.

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