Five Mistakes in Selling Your Home Which Could Cause Legal Troubles

Selling your home seems very easy and doable from the sidelines, but you get to know what it takes only when you get involved yourself. This process includes some very crucial steps and also legal matters which if not handled properly or not done in a certain manner either by you or an agent hired by you could lead to future troubles such as Delayed Closing, monetary losses, and even lawsuits. Here is a list of Five such issues compiled by me which needs attention namely:

  1. Legal Disclosures :- During the listing and sale of your home various kind of information is being conveyed to the public through MLS, Websites, or otherwise. While providing correct and accurate information is your responsibility, your agent should also verify this information from various resources.
  2. Proper Notices and on Time :- Various kinds of notices are used as a part of the normal sale process of a home and they also have typically date and time restrictions, such as notice to vacate to a Tenant, etc. Also when countering offers, or acknowledging the receipt of documents, these restrictions need to be followed.
  3. Agreement in Writing:- Any type of agreement or amendments to the original agreements need to be done in writing to be valid legally. Whatever is said or understood verbally by seller or buyer would matter much less or not at all when compared to a written agreement in a court of law.
  4. Do What You Promise or Sign For :- Sometimes agreements are amended based on inspection reports where seller promises to fix or repair certain things in the house. All amendments effectively change the original agreement and if not fulfilled, could be a source of trouble.
  5. Always Read Whatever You Sign :-You should always read all papers before signing and make sure that you understand what the various terms mean. Your Real Estate Agent could help you in this matter. Never hesitate to ask for help from your relator or from your lawyer.

Finally you should be fully aware of what happens when in the sale of your home and what part of the process needs to be completed by you.

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